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What to Expect from the Spring Issue of MKA’s Alumni Magazine, Review

Julia Thompson ‘19

     Every fall and spring, the newest issue of the MKA Review is published and sent out to alumni of Montclair Academy, The Kimberley School, and MKA. Edited by Gretchen Berra and MKA Director of Communications Kim Saunders in conjunction with the Alumni Relations and Development Offices, the Review serves to bring together all members of the MKA community. In the words of Saunders, “The MKA Review is a collaborative effort across all three campuses whose mission is to reflect the vibrant, intellectual, and generous nature of the entire MKA community.”

        There are many recurring features of the Review that readers anticipate each time it comes out. One section, called “Around MKA”, shares news from around the school and snapshots of events at all three campuses. Another section, called “Class Notes,” features information on the various members of each graduating class, taken by a class representative from each year. There are representatives from as early as the class of 1941 from The Kimberley School, up to the most recent graduates from MKA. The Review always includes a special note from alumni who have made great accomplishments or shared significant support for the school, and PAMKA and MKA Trustees each have sections of the magazine where they share news and important information.

Perhaps the most attractive component of the Review is its feature story, which details a broader, more far-reaching topic that is significant to the MKA community. Some recent feature topics have included Global Experience and MKA’s Strategic Plan; this year, the feature story is “The Student Voice as an Agent of Change.” On the relevance of including a feature story about student voice, Saunders says, “Cultivating student voice helps MKA to fulfill its mission by inviting students to be active participants and valued partners in their educational experiences. Furthermore, as we continue to build our cultural competency and work to create a more inclusive MKA community, student voice can be a powerful instrument to value different perspectives and deepen our understanding of one another.” As part of this section, past and present student articles from The Academy News will be featured to demonstrate student voice throughout MKA history.

        Ultimately, the team of people who work together to put out each issue of the Review aims to keep all members of the community informed, including alumni, current students, faculty, and families. The articles in the Review help unify the community over the things that make it special and unique, and feature the stories and experiences of the many individuals involved in MKA. Each person contributes something different to the community, and the community provides different things for each person. The Review highlights each of these experiences and the far-reaching impact of MKA. Saunders says, “The MKA Review magazine is one more way to share the energy, tradition, and pride that abounds throughout our community.”

This spring, the Review is expected to be released in early April, so make sure to look out for the newest issue at!