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Under the Microscope is a publication dedicated to exploring science, technology, and mathematical achievements and discoveries in MKA and surrounding communities. Each issue will offer original insight about research in MKA, student achievement, worldwide discoveries, and more, with endless possibilities for students to research and write. 

Nobel Prizes
Ahmad Higazy ’18

The Nobel Prizes in physics, chemistry, and physiology and medicine 2017 were announced this October- Here's who won. 

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What is AI, Anyway?
Andrew Stahl ’18

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a hot topic for years, with talk of robots taking our jobs and Elon Musk calling for a ban on killer robots. With so much information out there, and portrayals in movies like Terminator and Blade Runner, it can be easy to get confused about what exactly AI is, and whether you should be worried.

SRH Projects
Mia Layton '18

The Science Research Honors 3 (SRH 3) class is a group of seniors and juniors exploring scientific topics of their choice. Learn more about their current projects. 

Robotics Team
Maggie Astley '21

With the rapid progression of technology throughout the past decade, particularly with the rise of mechanized labor, it’s no wonder that teens across the country gather annually for a chance at the STEM spotlight. Robotics, the recently adopted, but much beloved STEM extracurricular, has been sweeping through high schools across the nation, and has finally started its rounds at MKA.

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Biomechanics & Physiology Class
Cristina Cusmai '20

Have you ever sat in your science class and wished for some different, more engaging material that was geared towards your interests, such as sports science? If so then consider MKA’s next step into creating a curriculum that allows for students to study what they are truly interested in.