Primary School

As the Future Forward Campaign reaches its final phase, we take the same purposeful approach to transforming the Primary School as we did the Middle and Upper Schools. Our youngest learners deserve remarkable opportunities and facilities, too — spaces that do justice to the extraordinary MKA education that happens within them. This is where the MKA adventure begins, after all.

Brooksiders come to love school because of the kind of school MKA is—a school of thought, perpetual learning, character and community, intentional balance, infinite growth and fun. Just as an MKA education provides the foundation for successful, meaningful lives, so the Primary School builds a strong foundation for the exciting journey to come. Now we must strengthen Brookside’s own foundation by meeting challenges laid out in our strategic plan. In doing so, we will advance our mission of “providing a vibrant and transformative education” for all our students.

Long considered the “jewel in the crown” of MKA, our Primary School Campus is home to exceptional programs, faculty, staff, and students – now the facility needs to reflect that excellence and provide the ability to best deliver on the promise of Brookside. We have begun working to make the vision for an expanded and renovated primary school come to life. This is the tomorrow of Brookside – and it is right around the corner.