Muenster Field

We are truly fortunate to be able to play on one of the finest athletic fields and facilities in northern New Jersey. The Muenster Field renovation, with our new turf field, spectator viewing deck and field house, is a statement of pride, loyalty and dedication to not only MKA Athletics but the MKA community as a whole. This is simply Cougar Pride at it's best!

- MKA Athletic Director Todd Smith
As MKA has evolved, so too have the needs of its student athletes. Muenster Field suffered from drainage problems that regularly kept athletes off the field. Even at its best, the field was not suited to the level of play required of todays' high school athletes. In order to remain competitive against rival schools, much needed updates had to be made. As MKA has evolved, so too have the needs of its student athletes. The complete renovation of Muenster Field, a component of MKA's Future Forward Campaign, has created a facility that now serves as the premiere playing and practice facility for Middle and Upper School athletes in field hockey, soccer and lacrosse. The extensive renovations boast a tournament-quality turfed field, field house, additional parking and improved spectator areas. In addition, engraved pavers that line the way to the field house commemorate past teams, coaches and members of the community as well as offering messages of support from current alumni, families, friends and athletes.

The original vision of the Muenster family is being upheld as we create an even brighter future for MKA. On October 25, 2014, as part of the events of Homecoming Weekend, members of the MKA community gathered to re-dedicate Muenster Field and dedicate the Everett L. Glenn Spectator Terrace, named in honor of the beloved member of the MKA Class of 2011. The video below (18 min.) commemorates the event.