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About the Program

The Community Scholars Program was founded in 1969 by Montclair Academy and has been the school’s longest standing effort to reduce the financial barriers of providing an exceptional academic experience for extraordinary young men and women. The program can support seven scholars per year and is funded by endowment, annual giving and the operating budget. The number of open scholarships in a given year is determined by the number of Community Scholars who graduated from MKA the previous year. 

This program is unique because the award strongly considers both financial need and academic merit. MKA recruits applicants with outstanding academic and personal potential from a variety of public, charter, and parochial schools in Montclair and the surrounding towns and cities. This program also attracts students from many prestigious schools in the area such as KIPP TEAM Academy, Robert Treat Academy, and KIPP Rise Academy, as well as those who have participated in the NJ SEEDS Program.

MKA’s Community Scholars have been some of the most accomplished and remarkable people to graduate from our school. 

This scholarship truly changed my world and I am forever grateful for the opportunities I received during my time at MKA. -Natalia Torres ‘01

It is an important program because investing in young bright minds ensures a brighter future for all. -Melissa Maddox-Evans ‘88

Being awarded this scholarship was a major turning point and without it, my life would have been very different. -Eric Wong ‘81

I do believe that MKA changed the trajectory of my life. -Ingrid Ramos-Nakamura ‘94

I am grateful for everyone who supported this program who I haven’t even met. -Igor Alves ‘99

If you invest in the future of young people and education and provide opportunities for them then they can give back. -Angela Garretson ‘92


Where Community Scholars Studied After MKA


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