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A strong endowment ensures that MKA has the financial stability to continue its tradition of excellence. Endowed funds are segregated investment accounts designed to support specific projects or programs or the overall school and its financial health. Like other investment accounts and vehicles, these funds are designed to generate income, while the principal remains untouched.

Income from a growing endowment can enhance the operating budget, help moderate tuition increases, and provide funding for scholarships and financial aid, which are crucial to realizing MKA’s ongoing commitment to diversity. For those interested in creating a named endowment fund, MKA offers a variety of giving opportunities as outlined below.

Programs and General Endowment Funds

Income from MKA’s general endowment funds support the annual operations of the school.


Financial Aid and Scholarship Funds

These funds help maintain MKA’s commitment to creating a diverse, collaborative, and inclusive community by providing an MKA education to a broad range of students, regardless of their financial resources.


Faculty Support Funds

Income from these funds ensure that MKA is able to attract and retain outstanding educators who love to learn and live to teach.



Award Funds

Endowed funds established to support a student award allow MKA to recognize those individuals who seize opportunities and realize their unlimited potential. 



For More Information

To learn more about MKA’s endowment needs and how you can support them, please contact Laela Perkins, Director of Development, at 973.509.7940.