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Black Friday. Cyber Monday. #GivingTuesdayMKA

Over the next three days, we are celebrating a day dedicated to generosity and giving – when charities, schools, families, businesses, community centers, students, retailers and more will all come together for Giving Tuesday – a movement to celebrate giving and kick-off the holiday giving season.

Today we invite you to join the movement and to help get out and give this year. Then tell everyone you can about how you are giving.

Please consider celebrating #GivingTuesdayMKA with your gift to The MKA Fund.  Supporting The MKA Fund provides funding for the educational opportunities that make MKA so special.

Join us and be a part of a global celebration of a new tradition of generosity!

Make a gift 



    Thank you to those who have already supported the The MKA Fund during #GivingTuesdayMKA!

    Amanda Abrahams P '14 '17
    Mr. Abhinav Aggarwal and Ms. Shweta Nishchal P '28 '31
    Mr. Peter J. Amirata '13
    Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Amirata '89
    Mr. and Mrs. Greg G. Amsinger P '21
    Mr. and Mrs. Bill Anders
    Ms. Lily H. Andres '16
    Dr. and Mrs. G. Brandon Atkins P '23
    Ms. Lisa S. Aufzien '76
    Christie and Ingram Austin P '89
    Kathryn Auw Prasad '01
    Mr. William S. Baker and Mrs. Kimberly A. Marinella '00
    Mr. and Mrs. William Baker P '24 '26
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Baker '59
    Mr. and Mrs. Craig Barrack P '25
    Wendy and Jared Bartie P '26
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bator P '14 '16 '19
    Mr. and Mrs. Larry Beebe
    Chris '97 & Morgan '99 Bellapianta
    Thane E. Benson, Ph.D., J.D. '70
    Mr. and Mrs. Joe A. Berberian P '17
    Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Bock P '21
    Jane G. Bonner '51
    Mr. Nicholas Bonsell and Mrs. Dana P. Tyson '97
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brodie P '19
    Mr. and Mrs. Ted Bronstein P '22
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott Brown P '19
    Mr. and Mrs. William F. Brown '46
    Tom Brueckner '72
    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Burchell '92
    Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin E. Buren P '09 '12 '14
    Mr. Yong Cai and Ms. Yun Fan P '23
    Matthew Weber and Lucia Capozzoli P '13 '17
    Mr. Manuel Carbajal and Ms. Alicia N. Diaz P '24
    Ms. Angelique Carbo P '21
    Mr. and Mrs. Atul Chakradeo P '22
    Mr. and Mrs. Alexander D. Chaykin '97
    Mr. and Ms. Keenan Choy P '24
    Mr. James Clancy and Mrs. Regina Chi '90
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Clark P '26
    Patrick and Leigh Conforti P '25
    Mr. Edward Conlin '84
    Mr. Michael Copeland and Ms. Jade Harris P '31
    The Corbett Family P '21 '24
    Mr. and Mrs. John A. Cosentino '67
    Mr. Luis Crespo
          and Mrs. Luz L. Miranda-Crespo P '24 '26 '27
    Mr. and Mrs. Sean Critchley P '22 '23
    Mr. Courtland Cross and Mrs. Marjorie Bethell '47
    Kathy Crowell '47
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Di Geronimo P '19 '21
    Mr. Robert DiLorenzo
          and Mrs. Risa Barash-DiLorenzo P '20 '22
    Ms. Laura Dorson P '25
    Mr. Craig Dubitsky and Mrs. Alexandra Okun P '20
    Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Eng '82
    Mr. and Mrs. Willie Eng
    Mrs. Patricia Ewing
    Mr. and Mrs. Louis  Feldman P '32
    Mr. and Mrs. Stacey O. Fields P '04 '10 '15
    Mr. and Mrs. Jed A. Fishback P '20 '23
    Mr. and Mrs. Chad Flick P '27 '29
    Ms. Kassandra Fotiadis '14
    Mr. and Mrs. Demetrios Fotinopoulos P '13
    Patrick and Lori Fouché P '23 '25
    Mrs. Bette Fox
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Friezo P '11 '15
    Mr. Carlton P. Frost '40
    Steve & Siobhan Gambuzza P '25 '25 '28
    Mr. and Mrs. Balaji Gandhi '91
    Dr. Roshan Gaonkar and Ms. Jaismeen Gill P '30 '31
    Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Gardner P '31
    Mr. and Mrs. John S. Garippa '00
    Mr. and Mrs. Guy P. Garrubbo P '25 '26 '29 '31
    Sharon Gill P '03 '07 '14
    Ms. Danielle Golden '18
    Ms. Ayana C. Goore '89
    Ms. Jean Granum '52
    Mr. Rick Greenberg
          and Mrs. Stacey Bradford-Greenberg P '24
    Mr. Donald Greene and Mrs. Ashley Fawcett '85
    Peter R. Greer
    Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Gross P '17 '19
    Shelly Tepper Grossman P '21, '23
    Salvatore & Diana Guccione P '09 '11 '14
    Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Halbert P '15 '21
    Ms. Kathryn V. Hatfield P '17 '19 '24
    Mr. and Mrs. Marek Hejna P '26 '28
    Mr. Craig Hirsh '01
    Jonathan and Becki Hirsh '95 P '25 '28
    Mr. and Mrs. Gregory B. Hobbs P '21 '24
    Michael and Josephine Horsburgh P '25
    Robert Hubsmith '77
    Thomas Isenberg '75
    Mr. and Dr. Sudhir Jain P '22
    Dana and Deborah Jennings P '04 '07
    Mr. Jeffrey C. Jones '71
    Mr. Steve Joseph and Ms. Angelique Craney
    Sebastian and Sabine Jung P '26 '30
    Ann M. Kent '50
    Mr. and Mrs. Gary Kiang P '28 '30
    The Kirsch Family P '19 '22
    Mr. and Mrs. Max Knagge P '26 '28
    Mr. and Mrs. David Knee P '21 '21
    Mr. Raymond J. Knox '76
    Kimberly A. Kohlman '91
    Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey R. Krouse '89
    Robert and Allegra Kuhl P '18
    Mr. and Mrs. Andy Kuick P '24 '28
    Ms. Laura La Corte '83
    Mr. and Mrs. Keith Lambie P '08
    Mr. James Larish and Ms. Susanna Suh P '21 '23 '24
    Leslie & Peter Levine '74 P '06
    Ellen and Jonathan Lewis P '06 '09
    Mr. Earl W. Lindveit and Mrs. Sheila Brown '53
    Dr. Edmund Liu and Dr. Elsie Koh P '20 '22
    Erica Lubetkin '86
    Dr. John  Lui and Ms. Siu Chan-Lui P '22 '25
    Mr. Kristian Lynch
          and Mrs. Bernadette Aulestia-Lynch P '19 '21
    Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Mack P '20
    Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Magera P '29 '31
    Ms. Elizabeth Manchester '94
    The Mandachescu Family P '21
    Mr. Aaron E. Mandelbaum '97
    Dara Marmon '91
    Earl & Jennifer Marshall P '20 '23
    Suzanne Moyers & Edward Martin P '19 
    Mr. and Mrs. William F. Matthews '49
    Audrey McBratney-Bittner '50 P '74 '75 '78
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McGuire P '18
    Dr. and Mrs. Barry A. Meisel '59
    Mr. and Mrs. Manes M. Merrit P '05
    Ms. Karen Merz P '23
    Ms. Heather E. Milke '15
    Mr. and Dr. Scott T. Milleisen P '31
    Dr. Luz Towns-Miranda and Mr. Luis Miranda
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter Morral P '22 '26
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Murphy P '22 '23 '26 '26
    Mr. and Mrs. John Muscarelle P '20 '23
    Mr. and Mrs. Sri Myneni P '30
    Mr. Ryan Napoli '15
    Mr. and Mrs. Nelson R. Nappi '72
    Nunez Family P '19
    Mr. and Mrs. J.D. O'Hara P '26 '27 '32
    Mrs. Carol Ottenberg '56
    Mr. and Dr. Joseph Pannullo P '10 '13 '16 '27
    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce B. Pastorini '71
    Mr. and Mrs. Tom Perlmutter P '11 '13 '20
    Amy Peterson and Jose Sandoval P '14 '17 '21 
    Mr. Dennis Petrocelli
          and Ms. Jayne Warne-Petrocelli P '15 '18 '20
    Mr. and Mrs. Marc Picciotto P '18 '21
    Mrs. Val Porter P '18
    Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Porter '72
    Mr. and Mrs. Lorne Potash P '23
    Dr. and Mrs. Bidyut Pramanik P '20
    Mr. and Mrs. Philip Privitere P '17 '19
    Mr. and Mrs. Wesley S. Puryear P '28 '30
    Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Raab '97
    Mr. and Dr. Sharad Ramesh P '28 '31
    Mr. and Mr. John Randolph P '32
    Joshua H. Raymond '89
    Drs. Mannan and Nadia Razzak P '27
    Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Rodano '87
    Sabino T. Rodano '87
    Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin M. Roth '94 P '23
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Rubenstein P '14 '17 '19
    Mr. and Mrs. David Rukshin P '22 '28
    Dr. and Mrs. Saras Rustagi P '29
    Mr. Peter Ryan and Mrs. Emily Goodman '04
    Mr. and Mrs. Duane Sachs P '22 '24
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Sage '52
    Mr. and Mrs. Steven Sakovits
    Mr. and Mrs. Joe Santagata P '26
    Ms. Emily Santangelo '02
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Scalzo P '28
    Mr. Jeffrey P. Schiffman '75 and Mrs. Lynne Morrison
    Mr. and Mrs. David L. Schwartzbard '86
    Sharon and Chris Sevrens P '21
    Ms. Linda Shibley
    Mr. and Mrs. Aidan Shields P '27
    Ms. Alexis M. Silver '96
    Dr. and Mrs. Michael N. Silverman '51
    Neena and Sanjeet Sinha P '19 
    Soma and Dave Sinha P '20 '20
    Mr. and Mrs. Dudley C. Smith '49
    Mr. Lawther O. Smith and Mrs. Linda Lovell '56
    Mr. Rubiao Song and Dr. Min Guo P '20
    Mr. and Mrs. George South P '16 '19
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott C. Spagnoli P '19
    Mr. David A. Steinfeld '97 and Mrs. Lori  Feinsilver '96
    Jennifer and Howard Sweetwood P '18 
    Mr. Mark Teo '91
    Mr. Chris Tsai and Ms. Peggy Chien P '22
    Mr. Shelly Tsirulik '16
    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher G. Turner P '14
    Mr. and Mrs. Nkere Udofia P '22 '24 '26
    Ms. Lisa Unger Stanton '86
    Mr. William Van-Ashley Davis
          and Dr. Juhayna Davis P '28 '30
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Venezia P '30
    Dr. Jerald Vizzone P '15 '21
    Mr. Shuai Wang and Ms. Di Mou P '32
    Mr. and Ms. Parker A. Weil P '20
    Dr. George W. Weilepp '50
    Mr. Michael E. West and Dr. Elizabeth D. Cardoso P '22
    Mr. and Mrs. Ather Williams III P '22 '24
    Mr. Donald M. Wilson and Mrs. Ruth Ransom '51