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Middle School Fields Project

MKA’s Middle School Athletic fields, span 3.45 acres and are the school’s largest and most in-demand outdoor facility. The fields host Middle Schoolers throughout the school day for classes and recess, organized sports for Middle and Upper Schoolers in the afternoon and evening, and students of all ages on weekends and in the summer for camps, sports and play. On a typical day, however, the fields are waterlogged, overbooked, or unusable, thus impacting our ability to run our program, and allow our students time outside.

To address this challenge, MKA has launched a major redesign and upgrade of this space, including raising the grade and adding water retention basins, turfing the surface and reconfiguring the field layout. The estimated costs of this project are $3.7 million, which will be covered mostly through philanthropic support. We have raised 90% of the needed funds and are looking for partners to help us get this project across the finish line and bring this project to fruition.

Your Leadership Will Bring This Project Home

In order to complete this project, we are currently seeking investments from alumni and families who know how much this will mean to the school and community. This initiative will further strengthen our academic and athletic programs and provide a visible representation to the community of MKA’s commitment to providing exceptional resources to our students. Specific forms of recognition include:

Dogwood Tree $5,000
Sweetgum Tree $5,000
Canadian Serviceberry Tree  $5,000
Red Maple Tree $5,000


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The Impact Will be Immediate and Long-Lasting

As outlined in our strategic plan, MKA is focused on improving the school’s teaching and learning environments to ensure that they are attractive, flexible in purpose, conducive to teaching and learning, and that they fully support our programs and the full potential of our students. MKA Active is an urgent priority, and will:

  • Enhance our overall academic program by providing more year-round space for our students to stay active and build skills in team building, collaboration, and problem solving.

  • Provide flexibility for play beyond the Middle School, including high school sports, summer campers, and more.

  • Give MKA a competitive edge for the best students and faculty who will be attracted to a school with the best facilities and resources.

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Questions or Looking for More Information?

For additional information, please contact Laela Perkins at 973.509.4528 or