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Student %Voice%
The foundation provided by MKA will continue to support me even after I leave high school, and I hope other students enjoy and benefit from these courses as much as I do. Charlotte Davison '18

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The job of the Grade Dean here is to understand, support and enhance the student experience. The hope is to get a picture of the whole MKA student; to see them laterally across disciplines and commitments and to find new and creative ways to support them. Cort Bosc, Director of Global Experiences
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Alumni %Voice%
MKA undoubtedly influenced my path toward a career in higher education. As an MKA student, I was always encouraged to be my best self and pursue whatever dreams my heart desired. Chris Smith '84
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Student %Voice%

With a busy schedule, I have to find time to work on each of my disciplines, but at a school like MKA, I feel I am supported to explore many different areas of interest. Nico Espinosa Dice '18

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%Alumni% Voice
The value MKA placed on cultivating student's intellectual and socio-emotional growth allowed me to become a well-rounded individual and prepared me for future successes. Elise McMullen '08
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Jolie Curran '18

MKA has a lot to offer in many different fields. As a freshman, I enjoyed performing in all the theatre at MKA and anything that had to do with the arts, such as co-editing our arts newspaper The Informer.

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%Student% Voice
At MKA we are put outside our normal comfort levels and encouraged to try unique and different activities. Before MKA, I would never have imagined myself joining a chorus or taking a dance class. These experiences have helped me to become a more diverse and balanced person. Emily Talkow '20
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Laura Jackson
Class of 2005

When my parents told me that I had an interview with Montclair Kimberley Academy after being away at summer camp, I knew that my life would never be the same...

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Parent %Voice%
The type of educational environment I experienced at the Upper School, I believe, is unique to MKA, and I want to make sure the school upholds its tradition of attracting and maintaining the very best faculty so that it can continue to be an extraordinary place to learn and develop. Jennifer Ladda
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Tom Holt

Thanks to MKA's ongoing investment in professional development, I was able to attend the Assessment Training Institute in Portland, Oregon...

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Amy South

This year, I have had the pleasure of witnessing volunteers banding together to make things happen and developing new friendships along the way...

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Student %Voice%
All my teachers taught me with their unwavering support and unfailing patience that I can do anything. I could be an art kid and a science geek and an English nerd all at the same time, that I can do the impossible and get straight A's, but that I am also valued as a person, regardless of my grades. Emma Bruce '16
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