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Social-Emotional Learning

How can we know and value ourselves, our emotions, and the dignity of others in ways that enable us to respond confidently when facing a challenge and contribute to a respectful and collaborative learning community?

Social-Emotional Learning at MKA helps students to build an essential foundation for academic and personal success by developing the self-awareness, empathy, and good character needed to make responsible decisions and create positive relationships with others.

Upper School Advisors and Peer Leaders focus on helping 9th grade students navigate the Upper School to develop social-emotional skills essential to personal and academic success, such as self-advocacy, collaboration, and communication skills.

As part of the advisor program, MS students learn three different types of communication; 4th grade students learn to use ā€œIā€ statements to take ownership of their feelings and improve their communication with others.

During a Morning Meeting (an essential element of the Responsive Classroom approach that begins the day in every Primary School classroom), students greet one another, share ideas, and practice social-emotional skills through community-building activities that help each student feel that he or she is a significant part of the classroom community


Student Leadership

Primary and Middle School Buddies, Peer Leaders