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The MKA community is as diverse as it is united. Nowhere is that variety and continuity more evident than among our graduates. In addition to being the link to MKA's heritage, our alumni are vital to the health of the school today and are the key to its future. We welcome your involvement, support, suggestions, and feedback, and we invite you to join us whenever and wherever you can.

Yearbook Archive

The MKA Archives Department is continuously working to create a digitized collection of yearbooks. The years that are not on this list are still being digitized and will be uploaded as they become available. We invite you to view the yearbooks that have been digitized and hope you enjoy this look into the history of our great school!

If you have lost contact with the school and would like to get back in touch, please update your information. You can also get in touch with other alumni via LinkedIn.

MKA News & Events

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