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Global Experience

Turning exploration into world perspective

Through a combination of classroom learning and real-world involvement, MKA’s Global Experience fosters students’ intellectual and personal engagement with the world. Students discover that they can build bridges between themselves and people around the globe and even affect social and political change. Varied travel opportunities enable Middle and Upper School students to apply what they study in class and develop a world view.

Beginning in Pre-K, students build essential foundations for better understanding and interacting with the world—both linguistically and culturally—through studying a world language. The thoughtful and reflective study of history, social studies, and literature also provides students with the cultural, geographical, and historical knowledge necessary to connect with people in other places.

All ninth-grade students take Global Citizenship, a semester-long course that blends global issues with the study of ethics, leadership, and information literacy. With the goal of becoming ethical, engaged members of the global community, students consider key themes, including fairness and justice, community and responsibility, and choice and consequence.


In addition, students engage in community engagement throughout their years at MKA. They not only take part in service trips within and beyond the United States, but also come to see the possibilities for bringing about change domestically and globally.