Tuition & Financial Aid


2018 - 2019 School Year

Pre-K $21,610
K $27,420
1-3 $30,320
4-5 $33,670
6-8 $37,490
9-12 $40,170

Tuition includes all fees, unlimited access to technology — including MacBook Pro 13" laptops for every student in grades 4-12 — and overnight and day trips and experiences. Books, optional lunch and bus service are not included.

Books and Supplies

Costs vary by campus. At the Primary School, annual expenses are typically $25–$175. Middle School books and supplies, such as PE uniforms, customarily cost $200–$300. Upper School students purchase their texts each year; book bills are usually $600–$800.


MKA offers an optional full lunch program for students in all grades. School lunches can be purchased for the year or daily à la carte. All Primary School students must pay a snack fee that covers a daily snack.

Bus Service

MKA uses Station Wagon Services to provide door-to-door school bus service to approximately 50 towns across northern New Jersey. Fees vary by distance from the school—in the $2435-$5640 for 2018-2019. Please call 973-256-7450 with any questions. For more information on SWS at MKA, please click here.

Financial Aid at MKA

Montclair Kimberley Academy values a richly diverse school community. To help us achieve this, we award tuition assistance grants to students in grades 4–12 whose families have established financial need. Please note that financial aid is not currently available for Pre-K–grade 3.

Requests for financial aid are confidential and are not considered by the Admissions Committee. The Financial Aid Committee considers a request for aid after the student has been recommended for admission. Current and prospective families with children entering grade 4 or above may apply. All financial assistance at MKA is need-based. MKA does not provide any merit scholarships.

Families seeking financial aid must complete a confidential financial statement each year. Financial aid information is sent in October to all families who request it, and on a rolling basis thereafter. To request information, please call the Admissions Office or check the financial aid box on the application for admission. Like many other independent schools, MKA relies upon the services of TADS, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to process our financial aid applications. Financial aid forms may be completed online beginning in October at, which guides applicants through the process. In the case of divorce or separation, a separate TADS application must be submitted for each household.


  • Families who anticipate needing financial aid at any time during their child's MKA career should apply for aid at the time of the admissions application.
  • It is not possible for Montclair Kimberley Academy to consider new requests for financial assistance after admissions decisions are made.
  • Students who apply for financial aid may be in a more competitive situation for admission to Montclair Kimberley Academy.
  • Financial aid is available primarily to U.S. citizens.
  • MKA reserves the right to request additional financial information from financial aid applicants or their parents at any time.
  • ALL financial aid materials must be sent directly to TADS by February 15.

The School expects that families who enroll without receiving financial aid will continue to support their child's education at MKA without assistance. However, when unforeseen circumstances arise to significantly change a currently enrolled family's financial situation, an application for financial aid can be made. Students must be enrolled for a minimum of two years in order to be eligible to apply for financial aid.

How To Apply for Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for students in grades 4-12.

For families applying for admission to MKA: Please check the appropriate box on the admissions application. We will send you information about Montclair Kimberley Academy’s financial aid program and policies. You may begin the financial aid application after October 1 at, which will guide you through the process.

For current MKA families: Please contact the Admissions Office and ask to be placed on the financial aid information mailing list as soon as possible. You may begin the financial aid application after October 1 at, which will guide you through the process.

Mailing address:

800 Washington Avenue North
Suite 671
Minneapolis, MN 55401
FAX: 612-548-3326



The following must be submitted to TADS no later than February 15.

* The TADS application for financial aid may be started as early as October 1. You are encouraged to complete the application online at to speed processing time. Questions? You may contact TADS customer service, 800-477-8237, Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM–6:00 PM CST, which will provide paper forms on request. Help is also available through live chat on the TADS website and via email at

Paper forms are available by request from TADS customer service, 800-477-8237. Signed copies of your family's past year's federal tax return (1040), including all supporting schedules and forms.

  • Current and past year's W-2s and/or 1099s (if applicable)
  • Non-US residents: submit official Income/Asset Verification Forms for 2017 such as foreign tax returns and/or wage statements.
  • The IRS 4506-T or 4506T EZ form. These forms are used to verify tax returns that are submitted as part of the financial aid application process. The IRS 4506T EZ is a short form transcript request for taxpayers who are not business owners or in partnerships.

The following must be submitted to TADS as soon as possible:

Current MKA families who are re-applying for financial aid will need to re-submit these forms to TADS for each school year. Any award that is made prior to receiving the current year's tax return or income verification forms is tentative. This documentation is required in order to make a final award of financial aid.

  • Signed copies of your family's previous year AND current year federal tax returns (1040), including all supporting schedules and forms.
  • Previous year AND current year W-2s and/or 1099s (if applicable).
  • Non-U.S. residents: official Income/Asset Verification Forms for the most recent year, such as foreign tax returns and/or wage statements.
  • The IRS 4506-T or 4506T EZ form. These forms are used to verify tax returns that are submitted as part of the financial aid application process. The IRS 4506T EZ is a short form transcript request for taxpayers who are not business owners or engaged in partnerships.

If you have questions about the financial aid process, please call TADS customer service at 800-477-8237 or Alyson Waldman, Director of Admissions and Financial Aid, at 973-509-7930.

MKA's Community Scholarship

About MKA’s Community Scholars Program

The Community Scholars Program was founded in 1969 by Montclair Academy and has been the longest standing commitment in our financial aid program. It is unique because the award strongly considers both financial need and academic merit. The program can support seven scholars per year and is funded by endowment, annual giving and the operating budget. The number of open scholarships in a given year is determined by the number of Community Scholars who graduated from MKA the previous year. 

MKA’s Community Scholars have been some of the most accomplished and remarkable people to graduate from our school. 

What is included in the Community Scholars Program?

MKA’s Community Scholars Program covers the full tuition and all additional costs including, but not limited to, books, lunch, transportation, and athletic equipment.

What are the qualifications for a Community Scholar?

In selecting Community Scholars, the school’s priority is to offer need based awards   

to students who represent a racial or ethnic minority and embrace the values upheld by the 

MKA community.

How to apply:

·      Complete the MKA application by December 14, 2018

·      Complete the financial aid application by February 1, 2019

·      Download and complete the MKA Community Scholar Application by January 14, 2019

All finalists will be contacted to schedule a separate Community Scholar Interview.

We welcome students entering grades 6-11 to apply for the Community Scholarship.