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Director of Athletics' Welcome

Welcome to MKA Athletics!

Montclair Kimberley Academy offers student-athletes from grades 6-12 the opportunity to experience meaningful growth, accomplishment, and success through a comprehensive, competitive, and vibrant interscholastic athletic program. Students are able to develop age appropriate athletic skills while fostering the value of teamwork, individual improvement, and competition, along with encouraging the development of lifelong physical fitness.

MKA’s vast athletic program enables student-athletes to learn lasting life lessons in the value of teamwork and the importance of sportsmanship, learning to overcome adversity and achieving success, all while maintaining MKA’s signature character expectations that all MKA students adhere too. MKA fosters this level of excellence through quality coaching and training.

Participation in MKA athletics provides student-athletes with significant opportunities to become involved with their peers and coaches in an educational experience outside the classroom. Winning over 120 team championships in the last ten years, the MKA athletic program provides student athletes with the opportunity to participate in 23 interscholastic sports, 64 teams, and over 1,000 athletic contests. The MKA athletic program provides a myriad of opportunities for a healthy athletic experience for all MKA student-athletes, regardless if they are an aspiring collegiate athlete, or joining an interscholastic athletic team for the first time.

In short, our ultimate goal is simple: to create an environment where players want to play, coaches want to coach, and parents and alums will be proud. And while national statistics indicate that only 3-4% of all high school athletes go on to play at the NCAA Division I, II, III, or NAIA level, a remarkable number of MKA’s senior athletes are recruited to highly competitive Division I and III schools each year.

Todd C. Smith

Director of Athletics


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