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Varsity Softball - Girls

Team Information

Wins and losses are not the only measurement of success in high school sports. Success can also be measured by a team’s work ethic, skill improvement, and enthusiasm and heart. Years from now, players may not remember their win/loss record, but hopefully, they will remember the camaraderie of their team and the special moments when they came from behind to win a game simply because of determination, focus, and hard work.

Head Coach: Jessica Sarfati

Head Coach Since: 2000

College(s) or University(s) Attended & Degree: Bates College B.A., Montclair State University M.A.T.

Prior Coaching Experience: MKA Assistant Varsity Softball Coach 2008-2010; MKA Interim Head Varsity Softball Coach 2010; Softball Clinic Director for Montclair Parks and Recreation - Summers 2004, 2005, 2006; American Softball Association Assistant; Travel Softball Coach (14 and Under) - Summers 2003, 2004, 2005.

Athletic Awards and/or Accomplishments: MKA Softball -2009 All Prep B State Champions; Bates College – Catcher for Division III program in NESCAC; Montclair High School – Four-year starter and senior captain, Two-Time NJ Group IV All-State Catcher, Two-Time First Team All County Catcher, Two-Time First Team All League Catcher.


Team Roster

# Name Position Class
Ruby Erickson 2027
Sophie Felsenthal 2026
Eunice Fernandez 2024
Olivia Healey 2027
Marin Ievers 2025
Gabriella Ladd 2027
Maudie Grace Lomuscio 2026
Elizabeth LoPiccolo 2024
Serena Nguyen 2026
Ella Nigito 2027
Lucy Osterberg 2024
Tala Saker 2026
Eva Sieger 2027
Audrey Solomon 2026
Melisa Susar 2027
Dylan Tanzer 2027
Anjuli Trivedi 2027
Mia Wallace 2027
Emery Walls 2026


  • Isabella Mendez joins the Primary School faculty as the Spanish Specialist. Izzy is a 2020 graduate of Providence College and an MKA alum who has been a part of the community since her Pre-K year at the Primary School. Since high school, Izzy has worked at MKA’s JR Star Camp and is now in her second year as head counselor of a class. She coaches MKA Upper School student-athletes in field hockey, basketball, and softball at the varsity level. In 2020 Izzy became an integral member of the Primary School community, working as a recess aide, substitute teacher for Spanish classes, a long-term substitute in Physical Education classes, and a frequent participant in professional development workshops. Last spring, Izzy worked closely with Maestro Rincón and Anne-Sophie, World Language Chair, on learning the curriculum and best practices for creating an environment where students feel comfortable, confident, and ready to learn Spanish. She is eager to be in the classroom teaching new and returning students the Spanish language and culture, which holds a significant part of her identity. In Izzy’s free time, she enjoys doing CrossFit, listening to music, and spending time with loved ones.
  • Jessica began her teaching career at MKA as a pre-kindergarten teacher, after being a member of the coaching staff as the Assistant Varsity Softball Coach and the Head JV Girls' Tennis coach. Jessica is now the Head Varsity Softball coach and continues to coach the JV Girls' Tennis team. In her spare time, she enjoys playing tennis, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.