Celebrating Our Uniqueness, Uniting Our Community

At MKA we believe the work of Diversity and Inclusion should be seen in all facets of school life, from curriculum and pedagogy, to athletics and the arts. Guided by our Diversity and Inclusion team, our faculty and staff work to affirm the identity of every student and family. Our goal is to develop a diverse and cosmopolitan community where everyone feels at home and where students become prepared to engage with our dynamic 21st-century world.

Diversity & Inclusion Statement of Purpose

Connected to the fundamental principles found in MKA’s mission – Knowledge, Vision, and Integrity – this Diversity and Inclusion Statement of Purpose defines our community’s aspirational beliefs and actions:

We believe that the diversity of experiences presented through a rigorous multicultural curriculum develops our global cultural competency. To cultivate a love of learning, we encourage ourselves to explore and appreciate differences and similarities, to challenge stereotypes, and to acknowledge the range of perspectives within and outside of our community.

We strive for equity and social justice as the foundation for our engagement with an increasingly complex world. To promote full and active citizenship and leadership, we engage with the world through the strength of our ethical convictions and recognize our deep interdependence with others.

We uphold that an inclusive school environment fosters a culture of mutual respect, moral responsibility, and academic excellence. To recognize complexity and value empathy, we welcome, embrace, support, and encourage our entire community: its races, cultures, genders, and sexualities, its experiences and economics, its aspirations, abilities, and affiliations.

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Program Overview

Inherent to the excellent education students receive at MKA are two values that are central to our Diversity and Inclusion work:

  • That MKA has a responsibility to prepare our students’ cultural competencies for a society that is growing more complex and global
  • That all students work best when they – and their families – are seen, known and truly accepted for who they are. In order to be your best self, you must first be able to be yourself.

We continue to build our cultural competency as a framework for our interactions with one another and for the work that we do together, which relies on our ability to empower our students, families, faculty and staff to create a more inclusive MKA community.

MKA’s Pre-K-12 team of Diversity and Inclusion practitioners helps to take the pulse of the school community. Our Diversity and Inclusion Parents Committee provides guidance and feedback on our goals and planning. This committee was an instrumental partner in developing our Statement of Purpose and our Parents of Students of Color affinity group, in addition to other policy and programming recommendations. 

MKA is committed to exploring a variety of important identifiers, fully understanding that conversations about some identifiers may be especially challenging. 

Multicultural Curriculum

As guided by MKA’s Strategic Plan, MKA is committed to making its curriculum more multicultural.  This work has has a main focus of professional development and curricular conversations at MKA.

Multicultural education at MKA is a constant process of inquiry, reflection and engagement that transforms students and faculty, school culture and curriculum, community and society. It is grounded in ideas of equity, anti-bias education and social justice.

To create a truly multicultural curriculum that helps students reach their full potential as learners, MKA faculty:

  • Honor their students’ narratives
  • Provide multiple perspectives within their disciplines
  • Provide all students opportunities to understand themselves, other members of the MKA community and the global society.
  • Ensure that MKA is a safe environment in which to explore and discuss multiple perspectives, ask challenging questions and create positive social change.

Gender Inclusivity

In accordance with the School’s Mission Statement, MKA is committed to providing a safe, supportive, and inclusive learning environment for all students. Our Gender Inclusivity Guidelines are intended to ensure that all students have equal educational opportunities and equal access to MKA’s educational programs and activities. No person shall be subjected to discrimination on the basis of gender, gender identity, or gender expression.  

The Gender Inclusivity Guidelines address the following  key areas of school life: 

  • Names and Pronouns
  • Student Records
  • Privacy
  • Restrooms and Locker Rooms
  • Physical Education Classes and Athletics
  • Gender Segregation in School Activities
  • Dress Codes


The following groups have been established at MKA as a way to foster the D&I principles among students and parents:  

  • Diversity and Inclusion Parent Committee
  • Affinity Groups
    • Parents of Students of Color
    •  LGBTQ Parents
    • Black Girls; and African- American Males
  • Student Clubs
    • Student Diversity Leaders
    • Middle School Diversity Club
    • Shades of Color
    • MS BU (Be Yourself!)
    • Gender Sexuality Alliance

Professional Development

MKA continues to build our cultural competency as a framework for our interactions with one another and for the work that we do together, which relies on our ability to empower our students, families, faculty, and staff to create a more inclusive MKA community.

Meet the Team

Meg Arcadia

Meg Arcadia
Titles: Coordinator, First Grade
Locations: Primary School
Departments: Diversity & Inclusion

Carlaina Bell

Carlaina Bell
Titles: Assistant Head of Middle School, Director of Diversity and Inclusion; Spanish Teacher
Locations: Middle School
Departments: World Language, Administration, Diversity & Inclusion

Dennis Hu

Dennis Hu
Titles: Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator
Locations: Upper School
Departments: Mathematics, Diversity & Inclusion

Shanie Israel

Shanie Israel
Titles: Multicultural Curriculum Coordinator, Sixth Grade Dean, English and History Teacher
Locations: Middle School
Departments: English, Diversity & Inclusion

Roshni Shah

Roshni Shah
Titles: 4th grade teacher, MS Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator
Locations: Middle School
Departments: Fourth Grade, Diversity & Inclusion

Alice Terrell-Bryant

Alice Terrell-Bryant
Titles: 5th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Locations: Middle School
Departments: Fifth Grade, English, Diversity & Inclusion


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