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Global Partnerships

Fostering networks with schools outside of our community is critical to developing global citizenship at MKA. Currently, we have two active exchange programs in San Felipe, Chile and in Paris, France. Furthermore, MKA is a member of the Global Education Benchmark Group, which links our school to hundreds of independent schools across the globe in an effort to share common experiences, resources, and expertise.

Chile Exchange Program - This program is an exchange with Instituto Abdón Cifuentes in San Felipe, Chile, a prestigious private school where many important doctors, lawyers, politicians, architects, engineers, military, and other influential people in Chile have studied. A small group of students from Instituto Abdón Cifuentes will come to MKA during the month of February and, in turn, MKA students will travel to Chile in June. Both in Chile and at MKA, students will participate in curricular activities at the host school and will be offered cultural and historical trips in the surrounding areas. In order for students to fully immerse themselves in the language and culture of the host country, students will stay with host families hand-selected by the hosting school. Please note that MKA students may participate in either part of the exchange or in both parts of they so desire. In order to travel to Chile, MKA students must have completed Spanish Level 3.

Paris Exchange Program – This program is an exchange with Centre Madeleine Danielou, a private all-girls school of about 1500 students located in the suburbs of Paris, France. As a sending school, 10-20 MKA students will spend 10 days during March Break living with host families in Rueil-Malmaison and will go on excursions as well as attend classes at Centre Madeleine Danielou. Students will be selected to participate by the Trip Leader/Coordinator in conjunction with other members of the French Department. All MKA French students will be eligible to participate in this exchange, as there are families in France associated with the school who speak English. In April, Centre Madeleine Danielou will send a group of 7-9 students and 1-2 faculty members to live with MKA host families, attend classes at MKA on a couple of days, and go on excursions to NYC and surrounding areas during the other days.