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May Term

May Term reflects MKA’s highest aspirations for each graduating class: it offers them some of the freedom they will experience in the future, encourages them to pursue a passion, asks them to take responsibility for their own learning, and implores them to engage with the world.

Some students use May Term to try out a possible career path or to explore an area of interest related to their projected college major. Some use the time to work in an area of expertise on which they could not fully focus during the busy high school years. For others, it's a chance to give back to a community or a cause, to contribute meaningfully to a local organization, or to return to MKA’s Brookside campus as a teacher’s assistant.


StartUp 101

This self contained program will encourage a team of students to use design-thinking methodology...

Community Engagement

Seniors interested in community engagement may apply to participate in a project of their own design...

May Term 2019


Take a closer look at each project students are focusing on this May Term.