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MKA's Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

We believe that MKA must foster among all community members a sense of responsibility for environmental sustainability. We must inspire resource conservation, preservation, and regeneration to help ensure the long term viability of humanity and address environmental and related social justice issues to promote health and quality of life for all. 

Fundamental to our mission to provide students with a transformative education and inspire them to lead lives of noble character, purpose, and distinction, MKA must ensure that students gain the knowledge, vision, and integrity to develop habits that enable them to make responsible stewardship decisions and contribute to a more  sustainable and just world. MKA must model clear sustainability principles and practices through all dimensions of school life and school operations, most specifically our physical place, organizational culture, and educational program. As we strive to achieve these sustainability ideals and to serve as a model for other schools and communities, we will hold ourselves accountable for acting consistently with the values articulated herein. 


To recognize our responsibility as citizens, to cultivate intellectual independence, and to promote personal engagement with the world, as MKA’s mission states, MKA has made the below environmental sustainability commitments.


Awards & Grants

2022 - International Green School Award

2021 - Earned 2nd Eco Schools USA Green Flag Award

2020 - Received NJ DEP It Pay$ to Plug In grant to install electric vehicle charging stations at all 3 campuses

2020 - Earned Eco Schools USA Silver & Bronze Awards

2019 - Earned 1st Eco Schools USA Green Flag Award

2016 - LEED Silver Award for Johnson Academic Center 

2015 - Won the Mid-Atlantic division of the Green Cup Challenge

Educational Program

We commit to intentionally integrating sustainability principles and best practices into both curricular and co-curricular programming, thereby helping students to develop their knowledge, skills, and interdisciplinary systems thinking to address sustainability issues.

Green Initiatives

We commit to incorporating and holding ourselves accountable for prioritizing best practices in sustainability in the construction, renovation, and maintenance of our facilities and in all school operations.

Organizational Culture

To foster a sense of environmental responsibility and urgency, we will strengthen our sustainable practices across the organization and demonstrate our commitment to environmental sustainability through our school values, strategic priorities, and investment strategies.

Learn More About Sustainability at MKA

The Spring 2023 issue of the Review Magazine highlights the many ways sustainability is interwoven into our educational program, physical spaces, and organizational culture.