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Upper School Fine & Performing Arts

Welcome to Fine & Performing Arts at the MKA Upper School - We hope that you will attend some of our upcoming events this year.

Performing Arts

Upper School students have a variety of options for courses in the performing arts. Each music class offers the opportunity for public performances several times a year; these may be concerts held at school or performances in the community. Music classes include Concert Band, String Orchestra, Concert Choir, and Upper School Chamber Singers, as well as offerings in music theory. A recently formed student a cappella group is already meeting with competitive success, and in addition, students in Concert Band may audition to participate in Jazz Band which is a highlight of the music program at MKA. Whether or not they are a part of formal acting courses during the academic day, students have the opportunity to audition for an annual fall comedy, a winter musical, and a spring drama production. These productions involve a large number of students.

Fine Arts

At the Upper School, students continue to pursue their interest in the fine arts as they select from a wide variety of elective courses. The disciplines within the fine arts teach students to develop, express, and evaluate ideas; think critically and imaginatively in problem solving; produce and interpret images and creative work; understand the artistic achievements of others; and develop self-discipline and focus. Fine arts offerings allow students to experiment with the fundamentals of art and studio art as well as to explore three levels of sculpture and photography courses, including traditional and digital. Students interested in developing their skills and their portfolios to pursue art in college are encouraged to take Studio Art Honors, and/or Advanced Placement Studio Art. Students often exhibit their works in the halls at the Upper School and invite a wider audience to their gallery openings.


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