Our Vision for Strategic Planning

MKA will provide our students with a transformational education within a strong, vibrant, and innovative school community. We will guide our students as individuals and learners on their journey to becoming ethical beings, critical thinkers, honorable leaders, and responsible citizens. We will create the best possible learning and teaching environment for students and faculty across a well-integrated three-campus facility. We will advance our commitment to diversity and inclusivity through our curriculum and programming, and we will both broaden and deepen our dedication to environmental sustainability. 

These accomplishments will confirm MKA’s leadership among educational institutions, serve the greater good of our students, and ensure the betterment of our community and the world in which we live.

Fulfillment of the Strategic Plan is the responsibility of MKA’s Board of Trustees, who hold the school in trust for future generations. In order to accomplish these goals, the Board of Trustees assumes responsibility for identifying and acquiring the resources necessary to achieve the goals of the strategic plan. Therefore, the Board of Trustees will:

  • Establish priorities within the Strategic Plan
  • Identify the cost implications of each goal and develop a financial plan to support implementation
  • Ensure that the goals and associated strategies and action steps are placed on a timetable, with appropriate assignments of responsibility
  • Monitor progress made on MKA’s strategic goals


Kathleen M. Logan, President, Board of Trustees
Chair, Strategic Planning Committee

Our Strategic Goals

Strategic Plan Task Force

Merrick Andlinger (co-chair)
Carlaina Bell
Evelyn Colbert
Carolyn Everson
David Flocco (co-chair)
Margaret Gonzales
Ben Goodrich
Tracy Higgins
Kate Logan
Tom Nammack
Karen Newman
Stephen Valentine
Rachel Geringer-Dunn
Randy Kleinman

Strategic Planning Retreat & MKA JAM

Ninety members of the MKA community participated in a Strategic Planning Retreat in September 2016. The daylong session was inspired and informed by the collective experience of the students, parents, alumni, Trustees, faculty, and administrators in attendance. The findings from this day served as a catalyst for the MKA JAM, an online conversation that took place in November 2016. The vision shaped by both events provided a foundation for the work of the Strategic Planning Committee led by Trustee and Committee Chair Kate Logan.

Community Voices

Primary School Parent

"I have been impressed with how the students at all grades care for one another. It is something the school has instilled in our children. They understand that they are citizens in this special community."


"What unites us across campuses and across constituencies, I believe, is our shared commitment to providing the best possible experience for our students: academically, athletically, socially, and emotionally."


"I think one of the greatest values of an MKA education is that our students are taught to question and think for themselves and to defend their own points of view."


"An education at MKA is the foundation for critical thinking, authentic inquisitiveness, and exploring a variety of learning/teaching styles."

Upper School Parent

"The thing I hear the most is that MKA graduates are extremely prepared for college/university. This speaks to our high level of academics and the quality of our faculty."


"MKA's attention to professional development is second to none. Also, MKA's collegiality and attention to collaboration between colleagues is truly unique."

Middle School Parent

"I feel that the level of academics, the quality of the faculty, and the available experiences offered to our children are some of MKA's strongest assets."