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College Counseling at MKA

In keeping with MKA’s commitment to strengthen each student’s intellect, character, and confidence, the goal of the College Counseling Office (CCO) is to foster self-awareness, self-reflection, and self-advocacy. The counseling staff offers programs throughout the high school years to educate students and parents and to offer valuable, grade-appropriate information, and advice.

Advising only 25-30 students each, the CCO team collaborates with Upper School faculty, advisors, and administrators to support each student through an individualized search and application process. CCO arts and athletics liaisons provide additional guidance to students wishing to pursue these interests at the college level. The CCO team empowers students to take ownership of their high school experience, to feel proud of their accomplishments, and to be well-prepared for life after MKA.


Ashley Conde

Of each graduating class works with the CCO's arts and athletics liaisons


of AP exams taken by our students are scored with a 3 or higher

Ashley Conde

The average number of colleges attended by each graduating class over the past 5 years

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average number of students per counselor

Ashley Conde

average number of college admission representatives visiting MKA annually



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