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Libraries as Learning Hubs

Turning curiosity into understanding


MKA Libraries challenge students to think critically and imaginatively. They provide transformational instruction, innovative learning environments, and robust resources to cultivate students’ love of learning, passion for reading, and understanding of themselves and the world they live in.



MKA’s teacher librarians provide instruction through library classes, collaboratively with subject area and classroom teachers and one-on-one with students. Formal instruction in the library complements and enriches the classroom research and literacy curricula. Read more.

Learning Environments

MKA libraries provide nurturing, flexible, innovative learning environments. Each one acts as a community crossroads and provides a developmentally appropriate, student-centered space for conversation, collaboration and creation.Learn more about the new Upper School Academic Center


MKA libraries house robust, constantly evolving print and digital collections to support the diverse needs of our community of readers and scholars. Collections offer students “mirrors,” “windows” and “doors,” providing reflections of their own lives, glimpses beyond their immediate experience and portals into entirely new worlds.

Ashley Conde

Playaways available for Primary School students to listen while they read


eBook lending libraries

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teacher-created digital LibGuides to curate resources for student exploration

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academic databases students can access universally

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