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Varsity Ice Hockey - Boys

Team Information

At MKA we are working with exceptional young people. As a coaching staff we acknowledge that in our approach. Our team works hard to facilitate an environment that finds its foundations in open and lucid communication between the players and staff. Success occurs when everyone is on the same page. We say that luck is the crossroads of preparation, execution and opportunity. One of the ways we prepare is by skating everyday. It’s part of our commitment to providing a first class prep program.

I believe that great teams are built around good players, but even more importantly around good people. Every day is an opportunity to get better, and do things the right way. Consistently showing up to work hard and do things the right way is what separates “hockey players” from people that just play hockey.

Head Coach: Tim Cook

Coaching position(s) at MKA: Head Varsity Ice Hockey Coach

Head Coach Since: 2015

College(s) or University (s) Attended: University of Michigan (BA), University of Ulster (MBA) and Montclair State University (MAT)

Prior Coaching Experience: Hockey Director; Pittsburgh Penguins Elite (2016 18U USA Hockey National Champions), Assistant Coach; Montclair State University

Other Athletic Accomplishments: All National C first team while at MKA as a player, USHL All Star (2003), 5th round NHL draft pick of the Ottawa Senators (2003), 4 year letter-winner at University of Michigan (2004-2007), 3 time CCHA regular season Champion, 2 time CCHA playoff Champion, Former pro-hockey player (ECHL, Denmark, EIHL), 2 time regular season champion ECHL, EIHL playoff champion, Nominated for Defenseman of the Year in EIHL (2010)

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Athletics Roster

2 - Gary Hu (Jr.) -- F

3 - Jack Mac Evoy (Jr.) -- D

4 - Thomas Meeker (Fresh) -- D

5 - Finn Mac Evoy (Fresh) -- F

6 - Geoff Vaiana (Jr.) -- D

7 - Aiden Jia (Fresh) -- F

8 - Anthony Zhang (Sr.) -- D

9 - Ethan Potash (Sr.) -- F

10 - Sam Rotella (Jr.) -- F

11 - Henry McCann (Soph) -- D

12 - Alex Shilkrot (Fresh) -- D

13 - Abkes Halsey (Soph) -- F

14 - Henry Kilcoyne (Jr.) -- F

15 - Nick Sykora (Soph) -- F

16 - Evan Koserowski (Soph) -- F

17 - Ibou Conteh (Fresh) -- D

18 - Leigh Wilkin (Sr.) -- F

19 - Henry Sun (Jr.) -- F

20 - Caio Santagata (Fresh) -- F

21 - Matt Bonarti (Jr.) -- F

22 - Owen DuHaime (Fresh) -- F

23 - Ethan Frey (Fresh) -- F

24 - Ian Tratner (Fresh) -- F

26 - Nic Lembo (Sr.) -- D

30 - Robert Lombardi (Sr.) -- G

31 - Aidan Meeker (Sr.) -- G


Head Coach: Tim Cook

Assistant Coach: Ken Smith

Assistant Coach: Bill Bronson


Kate McClusky (2023)

Morgan Riley (2023)

Ava Kopelan (2023)

Emily Lieberman (2024)