Leaving MKA

This web page provides technology guidance for students, faculty and staff that will not be returning to MKA next year.

Please complete a final backup prior to returning your MKA-issued laptop and charger (two chargers for faculty/staff) to your campus Tech Center. You will keep your external backup drive with all of your personal data and files. All of your data and settings will be erased from your laptop after it is returned.

Your various MKA accounts will be discontinued. This includes Google Apps for Education/G Suite, @mka.org email, Evernote premium, NoodleTools, and Moodle. See below for more information about how to handle your data in these accounts.

Withdrawn Students: Students who withdraw during the school year will lose access to their accounts on or shortly after their withdrawal date.

Non-Returning Students: Students who complete the school year, but are not returning for the following year, will lose access to their accounts on their last day of school.

Graduating Seniors: Graduates will lose access to their accounts at the end of July.

Please visit/contact your campus Tech Center if you have any questions.

Managing your various MKA Accounts

Please complete these four(4) steps PRIOR to dropping off your laptop. You can visit your campus Tech Center for help with any of these:

1. Google

We encourage you to identify any other personal accounts that use your @mka.org email address (including uses as alternate or recovery email addresses) and to change those email addresses.

There are two options for moving your school "Google" data. You can copy your data from your school account to a personal account OR download all of your data using Google Takeout.

Copying your content from your school account to another.

This option allows you to copy email and documents in your Drive to a personal Google account. Directions for this option can be found here.

Downloading or using Google Takeout

You can download / export your data using any of these options:

  • Download individual files from Google Drive
  • Save individual emails as PDF files OR forward them to another email account
  • Download your data using Google Takeout, which allows you to download larger amounts and various types of content at the same time (e.g., multiple Google Drive files, Gmail, Calendar events). When downloading data from Google Drive, you will need to choose the file type. For example, you can download Google Docs as Microsoft Word files and Google Sheets as Microsoft Excel files.


2. Evernote

Your Evernote account will become a basic, non-premium account. You will still own your Evernote account and have access to all of your notes in your “Personal” notebooks.

If your @mka.org email address is associated with your Evernote account, you will need to update your Evernote account with a different personal email address (since your @mka.org email will no longer be active).

  1. Sign in to Evernote via the web at www.evernote.com
  2. Click the account icon in the top left corner and then “Settings”
  1. Click “Security Summary” and then “Change email”.


If you have placed notes in a “Business” notebooks and would like to continue to be able to access them after MKA, you will need to export those notes. To see if you have any “Business” notes, click the account icon in the top left corner and select the business notebook labeled "Montclair Kimberley Academy".

To export notes from a Business notebook:

1. From the View menu select “Notebooks”.

2. Right-click on a notebook and select “Export notes from…”. This will place a .enex file on your desktop that contains the notes from that notebook.

3. Double-click that .enex file to import the notes back into a “Personal” notebook.

4. Repeat as needed for other “Business” notebooks.

3. Backup, iCloud, iTunes, & FileVault

1. Backup

Backup your laptop using Time Machine and your current backup drive.

To start a backup of your laptop:

1. Plug in your TimeMachine drive.

2. From the Menu bar click the TimeMachine icon and select "Back Up Now".

3. This may to take some time depending on the last time you backed up your device.

2. Sign-out of iCloud

If you have signed into iCloud and are using iCloud based services, particularly "Find My Mac", you will need to "Sign Out" of your account.

1. From the Apple Menu select "System Preferences".

2. Select the "iCloud" system preference.

3. Click "Sign Out".

3. Deauthorize iTunes

If you have signed into iTunes using your AppleID you will need to deauthorize the computer.

1. Launch iTunes.

2. From the Store menu select "Deauthorize This Computer...".

4. Turn off FileVault

FileVault should not be activated on your laptop; however, if it has been you will need to turn this off prior to migration.

1. From the Apple Menu select "System Preferences".

2. Select the "Security & Privacy" system preference.

3. Select "FileVault" from the tabs and click "Turn off FileVault...".

4. NoodleTools

Your MKA NoodleTools account will be deleted at the end of June.

If you have work in NoodleTools that you would like to continue to be able to access after MKA, here is what you need to do:

  1. Sign up for a new individual subscription at http://noodle.to/taketocollege
  2. Log out of the new account and then log in to your MKA account.
  3. On the Projects screen, mark the checkboxes next to any projects that you wish to transfer, then click the "Copy" button at the top of the list of projects.
  4. On the next screen, choose the option to "Copy to another user's folder" and fill in the Personal ID you selected for your individual subscription (note: if other users have the same ID, you may be prompted here to select which folder you want to copy your projects into — be sure to select the "Individual subscription" option from the dropdown list in that case). Your projects will be copied over to your new folder, where you can continue working on them.

2018-2019 DUE DATES

All laptops and power adapters must be returned by the following:


  • May 31st - 1:00pm

Non-Returning Students (Gr. 4-11)

  • June 7th - Upper School- No later than 11:30am
  • June 6th - Middle School - End of School Day


  • June 12th - Prior to All-School Meeting

(Updated - 4/2/2019)