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Leaving MKA

This web page provides technology guidance for students, faculty and staff that will not be returning to MKA next year.

Please follow all of the instructions below for securing your data and signing out of all accounts prior to returning your MKA-issued laptop and charger (two chargers for faculty/staff).  All of your data and settings will be erased from your laptop after it is returned.

Your various MKA accounts will be discontinued. This includes Google Apps for Education/G Suite, email, Evernote premium, NoodleTools, and Moodle. See below for more information about how to handle your data in these accounts.

We encourage you to identify any other personal accounts that use your email address (including uses as alternate or recovery email addresses) and to change those email addresses.

Withdrawn Students: Students who withdraw during the school year will lose access to their accounts on or shortly after their withdrawal date.

Non-Returning Students: Students who complete the school year, but are not returning for the following year, will lose access to their accounts on July 31st.

Graduating Seniors: Graduates will lose access to their accounts on July 31st.

Please contact your campus Tech Center if you have any questions.

Managing your various MKA Accounts

Please complete these five(5) steps PRIOR to dropping off your laptop. You can visit your campus Tech Center for help with any of these:

Social Distancing Protocols

We ask that families follow social distancing protocols when returning their laptops. These include keeping 6 feet away from any other people and wearing a mask that covers both your nose and mouth when you exit your car and drop off the equipment on the tables provided. Any MKA employees staffing the car-line will also be observing these protocols.

2019-2020 DUE DATES

MKA will be operating a “curb-side” drop-off for the return of student laptops in the Middle School (201 Valley Rd.) parking lot off Brunswick Road.

All laptops and power adapters must be returned by the following:


  • Thursday, June 4th - 12pm-4pm
  • Friday, June 5th - 3pm-6pm

Non-Returning Students (Gr. 4-11)

  • Thursday, June 4th - 12pm-4pm


  • TBD

(Updated - 5/27/2020)