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Leaving MKA

This page provides technology guidance for students, faculty, and staff who are leaving MKA.

Please follow all of the instructions below for securing your data and signing out of all accounts prior to returning your MKA-issued laptop, charger (two chargers for faculty/staff), and iPad (faculty only).  All data will be erased from your device(s) after it is returned.

Your various MKA accounts will be discontinued. This includes Google Workspace for Education, email, Veracross, NoodleTools, and Turnitin. See below for more information about how to handle your data in these accounts.

We STRONGLY encourage you to identify any other personal accounts that use your email address (including uses as alternate or recovery email addresses) and to change those email addresses.

Those needing assistance transitioning the data to a new device should schedule a time with a member of the technology department prior to the 2023-2024 DUE DATES.

Departing Students and Faculty/Staff: Those who leave during the school year will lose access to their accounts after their final day at MKA. Those needing time or assistance in transitioning data should contact a member of the Technology Department.

Non-Returning Students and Faculty/Staff: Those who complete the school year, but are not returning for the following year, will lose access to their accounts on June 30th.

Graduating Seniors: Graduates will lose access to their accounts on June 30th.

Please contact your campus Tech Center if you have any questions.

Managing your various MKA Accounts

Please complete these five(5) steps PRIOR to dropping off your laptop. You can visit your campus Tech Center for help with any of these:

2023-2024 DUE DATES

All devices and power adapters must be returned to the campus Technology Center by the following:


  • Monday, June 3rd by 1pm

Non-Returning Students (Gr. 4-11)

  • Middle School - Thursday, June 6th by end of day
  • Upper School - Friday, June 7th by end of day


  • Wednesday, June 12th by end of day

(Updated - 1/09/2024)