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House System

One distinctive feature of life at the Upper School is the House System. Introduced in 2007 following an initiative from Student Government, all students, faculty, and staff are divided into Houses named after the original buildings that housed Montclair Academy, Brookside, and the Kimberley School - Bradley, Monjo, Strong, and Walden. Familiar to many through Harry Potter’s Hogwarts, the House System is based on the centuries old British private school tradition and is designed to encourage healthy competition, foster friendships across the grades, create a greater sense of community, and build lasting memories of MKA.

Led by House Captains, the entire Upper School community meets in their Houses on a regular basis, and results from monthly competitions that range from flag football to a battle of the bands determine the winner of the Montclair Kimberley Academy House Cup.

Upper School Field Day 2019