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At MKA, we prepare our students for a future we cannot define. 

Our students will pursue jobs that don’t yet exist, use technologies that haven’t been invented, and solve problems that are not yet identified. To help them succeed and lead in that future, we're helping students foster a STEM+ mindset that they will use to navigate a complex world and solve tomorrow’s toughest challenges. Developing a STEM+ mindset expands beyond science, technology, engineering, and math. Across disciplines, students build essential skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, and logic. They reinforce habits of mind, including perseverance, collaboration, communication, imagination, inquiry, and innovation.

From Pre-K to Grade 12, we’re expanding opportunities for all students to strengthen their STEM+ mindsets by upgrading facilities, creating new programs, and investing in our faculty. By designing exciting new entry points, inspiring spaces, and advanced offerings, we’ll ensure students are ready for the future, whatever it looks like. 

The Inquiry and Innovation Center

The cornerstone of this initiative is the Inquiry and Innovation Center, a 27,000 square foot facility on the Upper School campus that will contain new classrooms, laboratories, a dedicated robotics area, and student workspaces. Construction will break ground on the Inquiry and Innovation Center in June 2024 with an expected completion in the fall of 2025. The Center will have lasting benefits in three key areas:

Collaboration + Community
From brainstorming sessions to partnering in a lab to co-authoring a research article, student inquiry and innovation are inherently collaborative. The Center will be a hub for the entire MKA community to work together across disciplines, building strong relationships and even stronger ideas.

Inquiry + Research
Learning should never be limited to discrete classroom lessons. Expanded laboratories as well as new resources for student research will enable longer-term experiments and deeper understanding of how to ask and answer complex questions.

Innovation + Creativity
More space means more opportunities to think big and try something new. With ample room to grow, we’ll be able to accommodate even more of our students' dreams and innovations —which, at MKA, are limitless.

STEM+ Stories


Q&A - Construction Phase Accommodations

Your Support Matters

We invite you to learn more about how your philanthropy can help shape the next phase of inquiry and innovation—creating a future that’s uniquely MKA. Contact Laela Perkins, Director of Development, at 973-509-4528.


For more information about the Inquiry and Innovation Center project, email

For Admissions information, contact Alyson Waldman, Director of Admissions and Financial Aid, at 973-509-7930.

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Our Gratitude to Committee Members

Finance and Facilities Committee Trustee Members: Rick Andlinger, Naveen Ballem ’90, Lauren Fass, and Jeff Szilagyi

MKA Administrators: James Castelli, Kathryn Davison, David Flocco, and Nigel Furlonge

Voith Mactavish Architects: Rob Douglass and Elie Zeinoun