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Strength and Conditioning

Mission Statement

Montclair Kimberley Academy’s Athletic Performance Program is committed to providing every student athlete the opportunity to maximize their athletic potential by offering a comprehensive strength and conditioning program that meets the specific need of the student athlete. Our primary focus is on providing individuals and collective teams with tailored training programs and education on what it takes to be their best from a physical perspective in their sport.

Training Philosophy

Our training philosophy emphasizes progressive training programs in the development of Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Cardiovascular Endurance, Speed, Power, and Agility. MKA's Athletic Training Program centers on providing a balance of traditional strength training techniques, constantly varied, high intensity functional movements, and plyometric exercises. This balance in training philosophy enables student athletes to train in order to improve a variety of core fitness components.

Hear from Athletes and Coaches

Chelsea Intrabartola, Girls' Varsity Lacrosse Head Coach

The MKA strength and conditioning program has been an excellent way for the girls lacrosse program prepare for preseason. Coach Leather puts together a personalized training program for our sport, and the players who participate always show up to our first spring practice in excellent shape. The fitness testing Coach Leather runs with the team at the start of and throughout our season is an important part of of our success as a program, as it helps the team maintain their speed and agility, and also helps with injury prevention.

-Chelsea Intrabartola, Girls' Varsity Lacrosse Head Coach

Orly Sedransk '24, Girls Lacrosse

True athletes and champions are made in the off season, and we are so lucky to have all of the resources, facilities, and coaches to prepare us be the most successful during our season.

-Orly Sedransk '24, Girls' Lacrosse Player

Henry Gottfried '25, Boys' Soccer Player

What I really like about the workout plan is how organized and easy it to follow it is. I can feel myself getting stronger week by week and I believe the plan is helping me to become a better athlete.

-Henry Gottfried '25, Boys' Soccer Player

Nate Turvey '24, Boys Soccer

Coach Leather's workout plan gives me and other members of the boys soccer team an opportunity to stay at a competitive fitness level during the off-season.

-Nate Turvey '24, Boys' Soccer Player

Avery Song, Girls Lacrosse

The winter workouts are really great for the team to build strength before the season starts. Not only does it help with injury prevention, but it gives us all time to bond after school to clear our heads and train as a team.

-Avery Song '22, Girls' Lacrosse Player

Nic Lembo '23

The MKA weight room has significantly increased my performance on the athletic field and has assisted me in reaching my athletic goals. The trainers are always present to assist anyone with injuries and help them get back on the field as soon as possible. The weight room and trainers are the backbone of our athletic department, and all the athletes are thankful for their presence. The school has given athletes the opportunity to enhance their performance by keeping the weight room open daily from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. The weight room and training room have all the equipment I need to succeed as an athlete. The football team and all other teams are very thankful for it.

-Nic Lembo '23, Varsity Football

Athletic Performance Programming


Strength and Conditioning Coach: Rob Leather

Department: Health, Wellness, and Physical Education 

Other Roles: Boys' Varsity Head Soccer Coach and 12th Grade Dean

ABOUT: Coach Leather joined MKA in 2014 and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach. He designs and implements workouts for athletes who compete in a variety of sports at the school. Coach Leather is a published author in the field of athletic performance and game intelligence. He continues to work in academia in the field of Exercise Science. Coach Leather has 20 years of experience coaching at the highest level, and this expertise enables him to create programming that is truly specific to the sport of the athlete. 

Coach Leather received a Bachelor in Sports and Exercise Science from the University of Birmingham and a Masters in the Arts of Teaching from Montclair State University. 

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